About Us

APP Central is a tech consulting company who works with businesses to help them digitally transform and automate their processes. We know from experience that with the right technology partnerships, businesses can deliver great results.

We believe that all businesses can benefit from extracting, measuring, and analyzing their performance data. We help our clients achieve this by combining technology and pairing with the right software for their business. Regardless of which industries they operate in, and whether they need automation, integration, the latest technology, or advice navigating thousands of applications to build the right tech stack, APP Central works as a software solution architect for businesses.

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Our primary business is helping other businesses build the right application ecosystem.


To be effective in an evolving world, businesses need to have an educated APP vision. APP Central can help guide your vision by first evaluating your specific business needs and processes.


Doing more with less is our business, and we know that time is money. We aim to reduce the amount of time it takes for processes. Many businesses achieve up to 30% in time savings through automation.


APP Central has collaborations with over 40 applications to ensure our clients have access to the best application technology for their businesses.



Although some are universal, most KPIs and business metrics are specific to individual industries. Looking before leaping is critical- APP Central believes in the right APP for the right business.


Having a sound implementation strategy before deployment ensures success. We help create the right implementation strategy for your organization and migration process for your internal team.


Business from time to time already have existing APP ecosystems; APP Central provides audits to ensure there are no efficiencies left unturned.